Saturday, 10 July 2010

There's a New Team in Town

This is what a team looks like when they have travelled about 36 hours... and have no luggage.

They took it all in stride - thank the Lord - and so... we took them for coffee - strong Rwandan coffee. Nothing like landing in the morning and needing to stay up the rest of the day. I'm a bit of a tyrant that way with teams. No sleeping until it's night time - no matter how long you've been traveling. Some of them about sleep walk the first day but that's okay. They're better for it as they get into the new timezone.

This team from Waterloo Mennonite Brethren, Waterloo ON, is here for two weeks. We have LOTS to fill the itinerary but we'll see what God has planned in the midst of it all - that's always fun!

Fun to have Mike and Leah back for the third and second time respectively. We are continually amazed how people fall in love with Rwanda and can't get enough of it. Welcome back!

Well... orientation is finished, we've checked for luggage again (no sense in calling - just need to show up after every flight from Kenya from now until we see the luggage...) and still none so they're off to walk the neighbourhood and stay awake! Serge and I are off to yet another wedding...

Tomorrow... church, maybe some luggage, maybe the Kigali Memorial if they are not too tired, Beni's Birthday Party and of course the World Cup final!

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