Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Tenessee Bound

That is where our dear friend Eric is headed. Should be somewhere over the Atlantic on an Ethiopian Air Flight headed to Knoxville, Tennessee via Washington.

Our family is going to miss Eric incredibly.
He is a great friend to Serge and I, we have served on the English Service Team since it's beginning three years ago and he has loved on our kids. He plays hide and seek with Isabella and she can't go to sleep each Tuesday night without saying goodnight to Eric.. He talked football with Prince. Together we have laughed, talked until it was way too late on many evenings, prayed together and cried as we have journeyed life. 

Two years ago, Pastor Jeff of Blount Community Church, Maryville TN, along with a key leader from the church, Duane Graves, visited Rwanda. They had come to see how their church might be involved in Rwanda and educating Rwandan future leaders was part of that vision. (I LOVE a forward thinking church!)
Eric was their translator and made a great impression on them. Eric is a bright and incredibly gifted young man. He shared with them his desire to have a masters from the west. After some prayer, Jeff and Duane believed that Eric was their guy.

Two years later, through lots of difficulties and God supplying miracles along the way... Eric boarded a plane yesterday.

My tears flowed as I said goodbye to him. I know that it's only three years but I will miss him. He is one of a few Rwandan people I know who really journey with God in a very real way. Our family will miss him. Isabella didn't want to let him go... heartbreaking for me.

BUT.. God has granted Eric his dream... a masters in Agriculture Economics. He will be the first in Rwanda. SO exciting. And every time I think of Blount Community Church... I really don't think they know how HUGE this is. They are supporting him and caring for him for the next 2-3 years but the dividends are bound to be endless. I know that Eric's life will be changed forever, I just hope they're ready for all that Eric will bring to the life of their church.

We love you Eric.. and we're going to miss you but SO excited to watch the continued journey...

The Vivante English Service Team
Emery, Serge, Eric, myself, Dora

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Kaitlyn DeJonge said...

Wow! So exciting for Eric...

Cute dress, Jen!!! :)