Friday, 27 February 2015

I love my Daughter's Heart

Last Friday Isabella asked me if I knew when the Primary Principal of their school's birthday was. 
I told her that I didn't and wondered why. 

'Well, Mommy, I don't think anyone has ever celebrated her birthday before and I think we should.' 

I promised that I would do my best to find out when her birthday was and low and behold, it was yesterday. Isabella was more than thrilled that she could put her little plan into action immediately. She gathered her little gaggle of friends at school on Monday and they had a plan - cards, gifts if possible and 'Mom, can you make a cake?!' 

Needless to say the little 8 year old girls planned a grand surprise and Teacher Jeremiah was 'mightily delighted'. 

What I love... that she was concerned about someone else (51 years older than her!) and knew that she had the 'power' to do something about it and believed she could make something happen. I'm praying she lives the rest of her life knowing and believing she can make a difference in someones life.