Wednesday, 25 March 2015

My Uncle Vernon...

When my mom calls me early morning her time... I'm pretty sure the news isn't good. 
I've had a few of those calls in my lifetime. 

This past Sunday proved the same. 
She was calling to tell me that my Uncle Vernon passed away. 
It was not unexpected as he had been on a journey for some time but his mind was clear to the end.

Today is his funeral. 

He was the one who put me on a horse, gave us girls time off of gardening to go swimming in the back pond on their farm, and who retired loving to collect farm toys and took up sewing so that he could help his wife continue to make quilts for the needy. I have one of those quilts. It was a gift from their family a few years ago, and now I will cherish it all the more. He was steady man, always having time to chat and wonder how you were doing, and give you a good firm handshake hello and good-bye. 

I cry alone, wishing I was in Canada to journey with the rest of my extended family, but it's not to be. I am sure this will not be the last early morning phone call I will ... and that makes my heart heavy to think about it but I do know this - somehow I will find peace and comfort during this time and those to come. 

Monday, 23 March 2015


So... in regards to my last post of water pressure... people have been asking if I got my shower. 


That was Thursday. 
I got the full on shower this morning - MONDAY! 

Water pressure came last night and I got two loads of laundry done before I decided to call it a night. 
Two more loads this morning and a shower...and the pressure went. 
I wasn't done the laundry ... guess it will wait - hopefully not two weeks like it's been the normal these last months. 

We also got rain in the last 24 hours. LOTS of rain. We do needed it. 
So I did get rain and water pressure - just what I was hoping for - at the same time. 
Let's just say that my house is FULL of drying laundry!
Can't have everything now can we ;-)

Thursday, 19 March 2015

Water Pressure

I often have to smile to myself when I think about it. 
It is a very NORMAL occurrence that the first thing any one of us - Serge, Prince, Isabella, Beni or I - do as we walk in the door from anywhere, is flick on a tap. 

What are we checking for?? 

If there IS pressure there is a whoop and we all see what needs to happen before the pressure disappears. No waiting for showers before bed, pressure might be gone!

If there is NO pressure, it is answered with some groans and resignation on my part that once again, I will not get any laundry done OR take a 'real' shower. 

When we moved into our new home just over two years ago, I was excited about nice showers and HOT water!! I did not think there would be a day or days on end where I couldn't come home to a nice hot shower. Boy was I wrong! 

I had to resign myself that bucket showers - getting water into a basin (always good when there is some sort of pressure and I don't have haul it from the tank outside!) and heating the water in a kettle - were not a lost art form for me or the rest of our family. 

Today... I am hot and sweaty and tired. I WANT hot water to run over my body ....  
Will there or won't there be pressure?? 
I'll know in about an hour when I'm home... 

Guess I need to be grateful I have running water in my house ... God help me be grateful today!

Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Komeza Women

The women at J.Lynn's are learning to garden this week. 
YES they have been planting their entire lives but we want them to rethink about how and why they plant. 

We know this is a big challenge but we're committed to doing our best that the Komeza women GET it!! 

Just because I don't have a piece of land doesn't mean I can't grow vegetables. 
What do I buy now at the market or local kiosk that I could grow?
Yes, it does matter how we treat the land and how we plant! 
Yes, God does care about my planting. 

Even as I write this... I'm praying for rain. Usually at this time of year we have an abundance of rain and it is not so this year. Crops are drying up ... which is not good. 

Serge managing the watering can

Adele spreading the mulch

Olive and Chantal planting the beans

Tuesday, 3 March 2015

What am I Thankful for?

This is Tuesday and a thought won't leave me.
On Sunday at church, a lady got up to give a little testimony - thanks to God for what He has been doing in her life. One line out of what she said keeps coming back to me. 

'I am thankful that we were all healthy at the end of 2014 and started 2015 well.' 

Two months later, she was still thanking God for their health. 
When was the last time that I really thought about our health and was most grateful for it. 
Thinking I take it for granted most days...

Friday, 27 February 2015

I love my Daughter's Heart

Last Friday Isabella asked me if I knew when the Primary Principal of their school's birthday was. 
I told her that I didn't and wondered why. 

'Well, Mommy, I don't think anyone has ever celebrated her birthday before and I think we should.' 

I promised that I would do my best to find out when her birthday was and low and behold, it was yesterday. Isabella was more than thrilled that she could put her little plan into action immediately. She gathered her little gaggle of friends at school on Monday and they had a plan - cards, gifts if possible and 'Mom, can you make a cake?!' 

Needless to say the little 8 year old girls planned a grand surprise and Teacher Jeremiah was 'mightily delighted'. 

What I love... that she was concerned about someone else (51 years older than her!) and knew that she had the 'power' to do something about it and believed she could make something happen. I'm praying she lives the rest of her life knowing and believing she can make a difference in someones life.