Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Komeza Women

The women at J.Lynn's are learning to garden this week. 
YES they have been planting their entire lives but we want them to rethink about how and why they plant. 

We know this is a big challenge but we're committed to doing our best that the Komeza women GET it!! 

Just because I don't have a piece of land doesn't mean I can't grow vegetables. 
What do I buy now at the market or local kiosk that I could grow?
Yes, it does matter how we treat the land and how we plant! 
Yes, God does care about my planting. 

Even as I write this... I'm praying for rain. Usually at this time of year we have an abundance of rain and it is not so this year. Crops are drying up ... which is not good. 

Serge managing the watering can

Adele spreading the mulch

Olive and Chantal planting the beans

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cochrane said...

Praying for rain....