Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Choosing Joy and Gratitude

The last weeks I have made a conscience decision to choose joy and gratitude in life.
I have been reminded by the Apostle Paul to rejoice always.
I bought a cute ring that has the word Joy inscribed on it.
I read an insightful article the other day about choosing joy and gratitude in life. One can be joyful but do we have gratitude? Are we truly thankful when all life circumstances happen to us?
One of the things the article talked about was how we live in fear and scarcity mentality. It was an American who wrote it so that sort of took me by surprise - the scarcity mentality bit - as I live in a developing country and I think I have a grasp of what scarcity mentality is - when one can't think beyond the moment because they don't know / believe that that they will be alive tomorrow so get all you can today and use it.
That said, what stuck me was how the author talked about when things are going well, it's really easy for us to think that something bad is going to happen. Life is too good. We don't deserve this.
It caught me. Over the last years, I have caught myself thinking those things about my husband or my kids. I have been given these incredible gifts from God but they aren't forever. All kinds of thoughts can go through my mind when I know that I live in a country where I can't call 911. I must live with enough faith and trust in God that if something were to ever happen, I would rest in peace that passes understanding. I know that and have known that for many years.
What I was challenged again as I read the article was to live in joy and gratitude - each and every moment. We do not know the future but we have been given the present and we must live it in all things.
SO making that conscience effort - it sure has been put to the test so many times over the last few weeks. It's like I'm being tested... will I in fact choose joy and gratitude in the situation?
Let's just say... it's a good thing I spent $17.99 on a ring (which I love) to help remind me.