Friday, 25 January 2013


In 24 hours is the Gusaba of Serge's sister Linda at our new house - the one we are still in the process of building.
A gusaba is the dowry giving. It is when the groom's family comes to officially ask for the bride's hand in marriage. Traditionally they would have gifted as many cows as the asking price. Today, most of the time, only some money is paid.
Well it's about noon ... we've been working hard.
Here's a little of our craziness!

Scaffolding everywhere and I'm panicked BUT I might win
my bet with Serge .. it's off before nightfall... or he owes me 
something nice!
The decoration people are finally arriving. They had said they
were coming last night... it's noon the next day. Oh well..
12:17 pm
View of the front yard
Front porch steps still being tiled ... God help me!!
The doors are FINALLY on site ...and we're giving the
living room / dining / kitchen a second coat of paint
2:18 pm
Toilet going in
This is the room which is yet to be transformed. It's the one
which Linda and her party will get ready in.
The guys plastering the outside of the house still have it!
3:35 pm
Tents are up but the black clouds are rolling in fast!
4:43 pm
My bet is looking good... still scaffolding on the house - but
I`m thinking this is a bet I actually want to lose!
5:43 pm
The water tank finally shows up!
We might just have water for tomorrow - we better!!!!
You can imagine my stress level was pretty high at the thought
of no water and about 200 people!
5:56 pm
Decoration heap... hope it looks like something tomorrow!
6:50 pm
Working by flashlight
Electrician - getting us some light
Painter - trying to get Linda`s ``dressing`room sorted
7:30 pm

9:04 pm
Me taking a little break... waiting on the door guys to finish so
we can paint some more
10:45 pm
Home .. dinner, shower then bed!
We`ll back at it early in the morning!
BTW... I lost the bet on the scaffolding ...


Sunday, 13 January 2013


At the end of 2011, Prince asked us if he could grow his hair for a year. He knew we were headed back to Canada the end of 2012 to visit family and wanted to come through on a bet from his uncles about his hair.

So the growing began.

Well, it's now early 2013, we have been to Canada and back and today it was time for the hair to come off!

One year of growth ...
Hacking off in chunks

Uncle Jean Luc doing the honors

The hairball...
No hair! Welcome 2013

Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Back in Rwanda ... and blogging!

About 48 hours ago, I rolled into my familiar bed knowing sleep would find me quickly.
It did. Nothing like travelling with a 3 and 6 year old to keep one awake on the plane.
The flights were pretty uneventful until we were disembarking in Kigali and Isabella decided to declare that she was about to throw up. We were already sardined in the aisle of the plane.
I dropped my purse, bent over to grab the nearest barf  bag - not sure who got slammed with my backpack in their face... oops! ... and she did the whole gag reflux thing and then SPIT into the bag. I was relieved of course it wasn't throw up time but a little 'done' with the drama too. Oh well... sigh.
We got through immigration, collected our many pieces of luggage and were greeted by some of our team members, friends and most of Serge's siblings.Then it was back to our house! And the party kept coming. We sent for Fanta down at the local kiosk. Was great to see people. Guess we were missed and that is good.
Isabella and Beni were hilarious. In like 3 minutes they had scouted their room, changed into 'summer' clothes and had discovered their prized toy possessions.
After our house cleared out, it was off to bed.
Serge and I commented our first morning back about ...
- the early morning noise outside - roosters, people walking and talking on the road
- that we're back to the land of mosquitoes and ants
- and that it was good to be home after our great time in Canada.
We're on to finding the new 'normal' for 2013.
Can't wait to see what the year will bring us!