Sunday, 13 January 2013


At the end of 2011, Prince asked us if he could grow his hair for a year. He knew we were headed back to Canada the end of 2012 to visit family and wanted to come through on a bet from his uncles about his hair.

So the growing began.

Well, it's now early 2013, we have been to Canada and back and today it was time for the hair to come off!

One year of growth ...
Hacking off in chunks

Uncle Jean Luc doing the honors

The hairball...
No hair! Welcome 2013


Anonymous said...

Hey Prince , What was the bet?Just wondering.Hope you did well. Doris

Anonymous said...

Prince, I still regret that I didn't stretch out just a few strands to see how long your hair was!! It was really great to see you guys. Mary