Friday, 7 December 2012


Today we DID Chicago
Train ride in - kids LOVED it
Willis Tower - who knew it wasn't called the Sears Tower anymore...
lunch at Girodano's - With Maddy's MOM!!!
LOTS of walking
The Bean
Navy Pier - WinterWonderland
Ferris Wheel
Fun cab ride - who knew you could call a cab from an ap on an Iphone
Macy's Windows
Chicago Christmas Tree
Walk back to the train
Garrett's popcorn - Chicago Mix!!!!
Five VERY tired people
All spent with Doug and Jen Bradbury. How blessed we are / were!
Prince LOVING being in a REAL city!

Isabella can't believe her eyes

The Kamari's with Sandy - Maddy's mom
SO great to meet her.

Remains of Girodano's ...

The Bean - Igishimbo ... as Beni was calling it!!

The tree ... So many lights!
Chicago knows how to do Christmas I tell you!

Sunday, 2 December 2012

12 years later!

In 1999, I went on a short-term mission trip to Mexico. I was going to check out how an IT location was doing at hosting teams. On the team was a lady named Linda. We kept in touch. 

Today as we were driving to have lunch with her and her husband Tim, I was trying to explain to my kids how Linda and I had spent about two weeks together in 1999 and then I spent a night at her house in 2000... and that was the last time I saw her. Email, letters and Facebook has kept us connected ever since.
Nothing like greeting someone after all these years. We had such a fun connect time. This is what I love about the Family of God. I'm just fortunate to have some soul sisters.
Hoping it's not 12 years before we see each other again!

Linda, Tim, Beni, Isabella, Me, Prince, Serge

Friends ... no doubt about it

Serge and I meet all kinds of people in and through the ministry in Rwanda. As we were having dinner last evening with Doug and Jen Bradbury we commented that we have a short list of people who we sure hope to meet up with again on this earth. There are many more whom it would be nice to but all highly unlikely.
When teams come in for 10 days to 3 weeks, it is limited as to how we get to know people. Life is focused on ministry and making the teams life happen well while they are in Rwanda. In the midst of that we catch glimpses of people we know that in a 'normal' life, we would be good friends. Not so often do we get to see if our guts were right.
Well... dinner it was with the Bradbury's.
What an incredible treat.
Serge and I were right... we really DO like them!! :-)