Sunday, 2 December 2012

12 years later!

In 1999, I went on a short-term mission trip to Mexico. I was going to check out how an IT location was doing at hosting teams. On the team was a lady named Linda. We kept in touch. 

Today as we were driving to have lunch with her and her husband Tim, I was trying to explain to my kids how Linda and I had spent about two weeks together in 1999 and then I spent a night at her house in 2000... and that was the last time I saw her. Email, letters and Facebook has kept us connected ever since.
Nothing like greeting someone after all these years. We had such a fun connect time. This is what I love about the Family of God. I'm just fortunate to have some soul sisters.
Hoping it's not 12 years before we see each other again!

Linda, Tim, Beni, Isabella, Me, Prince, Serge

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