Friday, 7 December 2012


Today we DID Chicago
Train ride in - kids LOVED it
Willis Tower - who knew it wasn't called the Sears Tower anymore...
lunch at Girodano's - With Maddy's MOM!!!
LOTS of walking
The Bean
Navy Pier - WinterWonderland
Ferris Wheel
Fun cab ride - who knew you could call a cab from an ap on an Iphone
Macy's Windows
Chicago Christmas Tree
Walk back to the train
Garrett's popcorn - Chicago Mix!!!!
Five VERY tired people
All spent with Doug and Jen Bradbury. How blessed we are / were!
Prince LOVING being in a REAL city!

Isabella can't believe her eyes

The Kamari's with Sandy - Maddy's mom
SO great to meet her.

Remains of Girodano's ...

The Bean - Igishimbo ... as Beni was calling it!!

The tree ... So many lights!
Chicago knows how to do Christmas I tell you!

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