Thursday, 19 March 2015

Water Pressure

I often have to smile to myself when I think about it. 
It is a very NORMAL occurrence that the first thing any one of us - Serge, Prince, Isabella, Beni or I - do as we walk in the door from anywhere, is flick on a tap. 

What are we checking for?? 

If there IS pressure there is a whoop and we all see what needs to happen before the pressure disappears. No waiting for showers before bed, pressure might be gone!

If there is NO pressure, it is answered with some groans and resignation on my part that once again, I will not get any laundry done OR take a 'real' shower. 

When we moved into our new home just over two years ago, I was excited about nice showers and HOT water!! I did not think there would be a day or days on end where I couldn't come home to a nice hot shower. Boy was I wrong! 

I had to resign myself that bucket showers - getting water into a basin (always good when there is some sort of pressure and I don't have haul it from the tank outside!) and heating the water in a kettle - were not a lost art form for me or the rest of our family. 

Today... I am hot and sweaty and tired. I WANT hot water to run over my body ....  
Will there or won't there be pressure?? 
I'll know in about an hour when I'm home... 

Guess I need to be grateful I have running water in my house ... God help me be grateful today!

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