Monday, 23 March 2015


So... in regards to my last post of water pressure... people have been asking if I got my shower. 


That was Thursday. 
I got the full on shower this morning - MONDAY! 

Water pressure came last night and I got two loads of laundry done before I decided to call it a night. 
Two more loads this morning and a shower...and the pressure went. 
I wasn't done the laundry ... guess it will wait - hopefully not two weeks like it's been the normal these last months. 

We also got rain in the last 24 hours. LOTS of rain. We do needed it. 
So I did get rain and water pressure - just what I was hoping for - at the same time. 
Let's just say that my house is FULL of drying laundry!
Can't have everything now can we ;-)

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cochrane said...

Praying for stop-rain!