Friday, 16 July 2010

Day 4

I drove out to Kayonza again today to see the progress the team was making. My goodness! I couldn`t believe it. They have worked hard.

Another incredible sight... Veronic about floating around her property. I have NEVER seen her smile so much.
Was a gift for me to see.

Serge discussing with Francois, the builder, on where to put her outdoor kitchen
Some of the team taking a needed break. Their laps don`t stay empty for long!
Alain checking out the progress. Looking good!
Praying for the house at the end of the day
The team and some of the local workers
Next a roof, then some windows and doors, a cement floor and the outdoor kitchen.
Lots done but lots left to do.

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Ruth J said...

So exciting and so encouraging to see this Jen!