Saturday, 24 July 2010

The New house!

The team with the house they built for Veronic!
They did an amazing job! Thanks WMB and donors!
They not only hauled mud bricks and plopped mud but they loved on the neighbourhood. They have set a standard for all future teams we bring to Nyamirama!
Just some details that the local construction crew will finish - doors, windows, cement floor, front porch, outdoor kitchen and an outdoor toilet.
The local leaders wanted her to have a front porch so that when it rains, people walking by have a shelter to run to.

 Back of the house

Two local workers cementing in one of the bedrooms
Each of the bedrooms is bigger than her banana house!

Sitting with Veronic and one of her grandchildren

Serge and Veronic chatting

 Some of the local kids... dreaming of education for them, clean water, parents who can provide the basics of life for them and most of all that they grow to be the men and women that God has creaated them to be.

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