Tuesday, 13 July 2010

A House for Veronic!

There are many things in life here that I dream about - about every day - how if this could change or be different that it would be good. Not in the sense of trying to 'fix' everything but definitely a desire to bring self-worth and dignity to people. I dream for the street kids, I dream for the women who have HIV/AIDS, I dream for the refugees and I dream for the people of Nyamirama.

The people of Nyamirama - all 5000 households - live in less than $1 a day. They are subsistent farmers. The literacy rate is low, they need clean water to drink, they need to address some community health issues, and the list goes on.

I remember the first time I walked this land - August 2007. It overwhelmed me as to what was possible but in a great way. God how?! We have been working on that ever since. The journey has been a long one and more than once we have felt like giving up but each time God has seemed to make a way... so we persevere.

The other thing I vividly remember is saying to Serge that if we were going to build houses, Veronic would be the first to get a house. That was August 2007.

Almost three years later... she is getting a house!!!

As I write this a team from Waterloo Mennonite Brethren is hard at it in Nyamirama hauling mud bricks. Serge told me this morning that that the foundation was almost finished and that the team is doing great!
This is the clean team ... they're not this clean today!
Here are some other pictures I took yesterday. I'll be sure to post more as I get out to Nyamirama to see the progress. 

Serge, Isabella and I with Veronic

Some of the seven children that stay with her
Front door
Back of the house
Serge having a chat with her. She had no idea until two days ago that we were going to build her a house. It's pretty overwhelming for her. All she can say is 'God bless you!' with tears filling her cataract eyes.
Love the faint smile...
Cooking, living and sleeping area
Walking through the neighbourhood

I have always loved sunflowers. They are so cheerful to me - think they brighten up about any day and they are across the road to Veronic's house. How appropriate.
Veronic is not the only one in Nyamirama living in these conditions. But she is the first to receive a new home.
Pray that God will multiply all the money that people give towards this project. We need a lot of money and the vision is big yet we know and believe that God is even bigger.


Rhoda said...

Love this!!! SO encouraging! Thanks for sharing Jen :)

Tiffany Svensson said...
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Tiffany Svensson said...

Really neat to read today's blog Jen and to look over some of the pictures from previous blogs. I am really keen to see the final house and to hear how God will give fruit for this labour.

Ken said...

This makes me think of building that kitchen in Jamaica for Miss. Mary. Remember? She tore the old one down the same day we told her we were going to build her a new one. =)

This is great Jen! Miss you lots!