Friday, 2 July 2010

Nail Bitin' time - Go Ghana!

Ghana is playing Uruguay on the TV and it's a tie game. Nail bitin' time. Ghana is not only playing to win but also to be the first African team to make it this far in the World Cup.
This afternoon we had the civil wedding of Serge's cousin and then a dinner. Dinner had ended but there was a big screen TV on the wall so with the 'old' people gone, most of the rest of us hung around to watch some football.
Ghana had multiple chances before they actually scored. With each miss I gasped and yelled - even at the ref once - and when they did score I shouted and made the round of high fives... with the guys. Some of Serge's girl cousins who were watching with me, asked me if I really understood football and enjoyed watching.
That got me reflecting a bit.
Living in Rwanda for the last number of years hasn't allowed me to watch hockey which is a game I love - regular season or playoffs - no matter. Other sports, playoffs are fine for me. I HAVE missed the intensity of a good, close play off game - whether that was watching my brothers play, the Kitchener Rangers or NHL on the TV.
So tonight, it feels good to have the intensity, nail biting, 'can't watch this' feelings in me... and yes I will shout and jump and high five those around me even if it's not very ladylike in Rwanda. It is just who I am!
We raced home during intermission - along with about everyone else in the city - and now I'm in my living room watching with Serge and Prince. Hope we don't wake Beni and Isabella when Ghana scores again!

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Hollie said...

Oh my gosh....that was such a tragic outcome! Ghana should have won. I was almost in tears!! It is funny that you mention missing the hockey, because I have just moved back to Canada from the UK and have been missing the football (soccer) so much, so this World Cup has been so much fun. That was certainly a heart-stopping ending I won't forget soon!!!