Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Day #2

We couldn 't make blocks fast enough because of the lack of water, so we had to buy some ready made blocks from various people around. Think we had about 15 local people helping us with that - using their heads, bikes or wheelbarrows - and earning 100 RWF for every three blocks they brought.
This guy has just earned 200 RWF or 34 cents.

LOVED it that there were three ladies from the neighbourhood who hauled blocks for FREE all day! Think that says so much about women helping out fellow women in need.

Pit + mud + water + dry grass + a man mixing with a shovel and his feet = Mud Bricks

Empty water jugs waiting to be filled. Again, people were walking up to 1km one way to bring us water.

Two bedrooms, a sitting room and a front porch
We'll build an outdoor kitchen for her as well.

Assembly Line for the mud and bricks

All about good mud 'plopping'

Beni and I watching the action

View through the banana trees

This lady needs a house too!!!!
May God use us to provide her with a home.


Alison Witt said...

Looks like some great team work happening. Excellent!

cochrane said...

Very fun! What a great feeling. :-)