Saturday, 15 May 2010

From the Camp to the City!

Just read an email tonight... and need to share this as it's some of the greatest stuff ever!!
I LOVE how God plans, works and moves!
Chantal is Rwandese and lives in Hamilton, ON. She was part of a short-term team a couple of years ago which came to Kigali to minister with us, and is part of a Rwandese Church in Hamilton. She wrote to say that she heard of a family of EIGHT that had just arrived in Hamilton and they wanted to come to church this past Sunday. She contacted them and arranged for transport to the church.
Ready for the great part... the family is the former president of the Kiziba Refugee Camp where we work in!!
We KNEW that he was going to Canada but out of many places in the country they end up... Hamilton!
Hamilton has many connections to IT and a thriving Rwandan church community.
This will be a great place for them to be connected. Pray for the family... they have been in Canada now about three weeks and there will be much to adjust to. They are seekers... pray for that they find a personal relationsip with God.
Another cool thing... in August, we will host a short-term team from Philpott Church in Hamilton who has connections into the Rwandan community and church there.
Sometimes we can clearly see God moving and sometimes we can't... I LOVE it when I can!
Can't wait to see what comes of this all... :-)


Alison Witt said...

Met this family last Sunday.Communication was a challenge...but as soon as I said "Kamari family", the father's eyes lit up. We had found our point of connection! Will go to visit them with Chantale later this week too. Hope they will feel at home here in Hamilton!

Carol Baker said...

That is so great! Praying for this family and the others who remain at the refugee camp.