Saturday, 8 May 2010


Was SO great to see him! He served as an intern with us in Kigali three years ago and has now started IT in Cameroon. It was wonderful to catch up with him. We are were humbled to hear of his journey and know that we had a part in furthering him in ministry and being with IT.

We figured out that it had been about 7 years. Ken was the first youth pastor who I helped to lead a short term team with to Jamaica in the summer of 1995. He has been serving in Santa Cruz, Bolivia with IT for a number of years, working with street kids. So lots in common and lots to catch up on.
Hamid is married to Debbie and they minister in Austria with IT among refugees. Was wonderful to hear news first hand of their family and ministry. Hamid introduced Serge to Turkish saunas... and thinking they are kindred spirits! SO missed seeing you Debbie...

The Ladies!!
Was SO great for me to hang out with Tillie and Yvonne! They are dear friends who love on us, encourage us in the work we do and are great fun. So great to see them again!

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cochrane said...

JEN! Your keyboard's running out of exclamation marks.

Holy posting queen! I can see checking the blog weekly won't be nearly enough to keep up with you. Here's hoping Google doesn't find a way to levy fees for Blogspot anytime soon. You've found your calling in the blogosphere.

Thanks for keeping us all current! Enjoy the best of Europe.