Wednesday, 19 May 2010

It's the Small and Simple Things in Life...

I'm always amazed when the small things in life surprise me or make me happy.
Really by this stage of the game they shouldn't, but they still do most of the time. Guess I am glad that the small and simple things in life do still surprise me as I think that is where God likes to show a lot of the time.

Today, it was a box of Cheerios.

Beni is coming out of a bout of sickness and I'm at wits end as to what to feed him as he's refusing about everything besides his bottle. And then there they were.

I have been looking for Cheerios in Kigali for over a year and then there they were today. I bought a box and tried them on Beni for lunch. He LOVED them! There is hope.

Thanks God for showing up in the small and simple things today.
May I always see you, God, in the small and simple things of life.

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Kirk Bartha said...

here's to simple little "o"s