Sunday, 9 May 2010


After a week of long hours in general sessions, workshops and lots of side meetings, we got a chance to go to Ephesus. It was an incredible day!! Just thinking that we walked where Paul, John and others walked... was a bit mind boggling.

All I can say is... if you EVER get a chance to go... or are remotely thinking about it... GO!!!

Just a few of our many pictures.

Tim and Angie with their kids Avalene and Moses... they are dear fellow missionaries and friends working with IT in Soroti, Uganda among the poor. We really need to go and visit them sooner than later... Angie and I walk similar roads in ministry - 'working' mom in ministry among the poor.

Many people at the ILF wondered how we deal with daily life?
How do we process all we see and are involved in?
Those were hard questions to answer. We just do... somedays are easier than others... many days we wonder if we made the right decisions.... and every day we pray for God to go ahead of us... and we try to see God in the people. Again, easier said than done most days.

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cochrane said...

Ephesus. Miss it! Great pictures too.