Thursday, 13 May 2010


Serge and I caught a train yesterday morning and headed for Paris. Trains are fun... really they are! You just ride along and see the countryside.... The Netherlands, Beglium and finally France... all in less than three hours! Gotta love it!!
Paris was great but COLD!!! Temperatures are about 10 degrees colder than they are supposed to be in Europe this time of year... we we are cold! Thinking it could snow. YIKES!!! Was a great excuse to indulge in Starbucks though. Yummy!

Just one pic to share with you out of the multitude we took... great city!
Nothing cheap though! Serge went down to get us some water and came back with two of the smallest bottles water I think I have seen in my life - 200ml. They were FOUR euros EACH!!! CRAZY!!


Jer said...

Serge should have worn his Toronto Raptors toque to keep warm in chilly Paris...

Carol Baker said...

I get Starbucks on a semi-regular basis but I still miss Bourbon! Best coffee in the world :-) I am getting Rwandan coffee at Costco now though!