Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Meltdown in IKEA!

I was SO excited to go shopping at IKEA!!
We don't have any shopping malls, let alone any department stores to do any shopping of the sort in Rwanda, so if you know me at all... I was excited!! AND I thought that I would be just fine with it all. I even had a list - kitchen timer, vegetable peelers for my friend Chrissie who is looking after Beni and Isabella, candles, coffee bodum, cutting boards.... and my list went on.
Well, I got to the section with all the candles and I got completely overwhelmed!! I was trying to make choices and I just couldn't. I would hold two scents in my hand and couldn't make a decision.
Feeling completely incapable of making a decision and just wanting to 'get out', I informed Serge that I was done! He was like... 'You're not buying any candles?' My reply... 'I can't even think... I can't make a decision. I just need to get out of here.' Serge, bless his dear heart, just gave me a hug in the middle of IKEA, assured me that it was okay and to just take my time. I did end up getting candles... can't remember the scent right now, but I know I got them!
This was the first of many experiences this week... SO many choices to be made when you go to buy something!


cochrane said...

Wow...candles. I really didn't understand until I thought about going into a Best Buy or Future Shop...then it made more sense.

You crack me up!

Anonymous said...

What a great story. I think all you really needed at that moment was a plate of meatballs and some daim cake. The IKEA candle section can be quite overwhelming I know, especially around Christmas.

Broomfield said...

I hope you thought of me when you were in IKEA... some of the fun times we had there.
Miss you here Jen.
Bryan B.

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness, Jen...I've only been to Ikea once in my life...the big one in Burlington. As you know, I am a retailer. I love checking out other stores just to see how they merchandise their products. However, while in Ikea, I had my own version of a meltdown..."GET ME OUT OF HERE!!!!" I just could not handle the way you had to go through the WHOLE store to get out. Seriously, Lori just about had to call 911 to get me out of there! Never again will I step foot in an Ikea.

Peter said...

First you go to the restaurant for some good and relatively cheap food. Then you stroll for an hour or so in the store. Anyone who thinks they can get in and out of an Ikea store in 10 minutes will also think that an NFL game ends after one quarter.. Apples to pears anyone?