Sunday, 16 May 2010

The Circus!

Well.. affectionately dubbed, 'The Circus!'

This is the household of Auntie Bijou and her five kids in Belgium. Serge and I, along with Adolph - Serge's brother, are hanging out at her place for three days. It is great fun but a bit crazy at times. We took them to their favourite place to eat tonight - Quickies. It was something like McDonald's - good hamburgers, DIET coke, SOFT ice-cream... mmmmmmm.... wondering if I enjoyed it more than the kids!?!?

Auntie is a single mom to five kids in the range from 9 to 15 years of age. On top of that, three of them have a muscle degenerating disease. I know a few wonder woman's in the world, and Auntie Bijou is one of them!

As I write this, it is well past midnight. Serge, Adolph and Auntie are having a very animated conversation with I don't know how many languages flying around... and I am way past tired, so I'm thinking I am headed to bed. Who knows when they will decide that they have had enough catching up for the day... night...

We'll see another auntie tomorrow and a cousin and her family. Think we are headed to Brussels.

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