Monday, 20 June 2011

World Refugee Day

'One Refugee Without Hope is Too Many'

That is the slogan for today - World Refugee Day.
Every June 20th is the day to remember the 43+ million people who are alive in this world but displaced from their homes because of conflict, persecution and violence.

Seems fitting that Serge took our current team to Kibuye so they can go into the refugee camp tomorrow and Wednesday. Kiziba Refugee Camp is home to 20,000+ men, women and children of which most of them are from Congo.

The team will have a grand but overwhelming time. They'll bring hope and encouragement in all sorts of ways and learn lots about themselves, God and the world they live in. The church, this team is from, has a large refugee community from East Africa which attends regularly. One of the reasons they came to Rwanda is to see the other side of the refugee highway... the beginning of the road where refugees start their journey to stability and peace. 

They'll check out the various income generating projects which we are involved in, see how the students are doing, how the youth ministry in the camp is developing and play some volleyball. I have prepared them to have their butts kicked. :-) The refugee youth are serious volleyball players!

I look forward to hearing about their latest life experiences when they return on Wednesday night! We'll see what else they have to tell me about besides the volleyball game.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for all you gave our group the last 2 weeks. They lived, learned and experienced so much thanks to you. I know you, Serge and the people and experiences of Rwanda will be with my son for a life time. Thank you! Thank you! Kathy