Wednesday, 8 June 2011


If you know me, you know I have the biggest phobia ever for snakes!
I can't even look at them in a picture without getting all queshy and jumpy.

I have lived in Rwanda now full-time since January 2006 and have never had to deal with snakes.

WELL... that has changed. Even though I have not seen them, our workers have killed four in the last two weeks and they said that they killed two others in the past two years and haven't told us. ARG!!

They say the snakes are babies... but we all know what that means!!! Mom is around somewhere!

I try not to live in fear in letting my kids out to play. I have read what I can on snake bites and I trust that I never have to deal with it. God can protect us! Now to live in that knowledge... at peace.


Ken said...

I know someone in Texas who has the same phobia and a bird dropped a big snake on the sidewalk in front of their house. It was like some kind of weird plague... =)

Doug said...

Seriously? Here I am packing my carry for our journey the begins early tomorrow. Ready to assure a host of anxious parents that we will bring their kids home safely, and I open up your blog for some encouragement, and I read about snakes? I think we'll leave it out of the final orientation.

So excited to meet you and spend time sharing in your ministry!