Thursday, 16 June 2011

Milk Rant!

As I sat down to breakfast this morning, I couldn't help my mind from doing the 'milk rant'.

Being a dairy farmer's daughter, having milked many cows in my lifetime and having already drank more litres of milk than most do in their lifetime - I'd like to think that I know more than a little bit about milk.

Some months ago, the main milk packager in Rwanda switched to exclusively producing UHT milk - Ultra high temperature milk - the stuff that can sit on your shelf for months on end.

Now there is no one anywhere that can tell this girl that UHT milk is milk! Seriously people! I get it that it has a place in the world but when fresh milk used to be the norm and now UHT??

There is only one manufacturer of fresh milk in Rwanda and they cannot keep up with the demand. So about every other day I am driving around Kigali to all the stores that I know which sell it to see if they have any left - maybe, just maybe they will. If not, I resort to buying UHT milk - my kids need to drink something and I guess that UHT is better than nothing.

We have tried to get a local farmer to deliver to our house but we haven't found one that doesn't rinse his buckets with cow urine. When I asked Serge about this, he says it's tradition. SERIOUSLY!!?? 

So, in the meantime, I resort to going on the milk hunt every couple of days... and hoping that we find a farmer that has good tasting, urine free milk!


Lana said...

Urine?!?!? Really.....never been a milk person myself, now I know I will never drink it when I am there. GA-ROSS!!!

Shelley C. said...

Maybe you should be getting yourself a good ole milking cow:)