Saturday, 4 June 2011


Our prayers were answered people!
We had a great day selling the products made by Ubuzima, an association for those with living with HIV/AIDS. $227 worth! Maybe that doesn't seem like much to you but trust me, it's great and will be an incredible help with their upcoming expenses not to mention a great confidence booster for their morale. 
People actually want to buy their things - there is a market! YEAH! 

Who knows when the next opportunity will be have such a display again but I'll be keeping my eyes open for those opportunities for them. In the meantime, it's time to learn some new products - decorative pillows and skirts! Got some fun things coming to improve the jewelry as well. Love eBay sellers who ship worldwide!! :-)

I really do believe that we can get this association to be self sustaining.

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Kaitlyn from Michigan said...

Love love LOVE this post, Jen!!!
SOO glad to hear this, and excited for what is to come as Ubuzima continues to learn and grow!
PS - Mama Deborah looks just beautiful in this picture :)

thoughts and prayers!!