Monday, 28 May 2012

The Wedding

Isabella ... LOVED being a flowergirl
for the first time

Serge making sure David is 'in the know'

Leaving church

Our family

Maddy and Beni eating cake


Anonymous said...

LOVE all these pictures, Jen! It looks like all of the marriage ceremonies were just beautiful - Dora made a gorgeous bride and you made a lovely matron of honor (beautiful mishanana!)! Such a great family photo, too... and the one of Maddy and Beni enjoying cake, aww :)
Thanks, too, for sharing about the Congo situation.. I wish people here were more aware of that: what would happen if THAT was making headlines instead which celebrity divorced who..? Anyway, thank you for sharing that.
Hoping you and your family are doing well!
Kaitlyn from Michigan :)

Lana said...

Thanks for sharing the pictures. You guys all looked lovely. I'm sure it was a great couple of weeks, fun and busy. Tell Isabella that Abby LOVES her dress!

cochrane said...

GREAT pics! Nice dress! Isabella looks like she's having a ball.


Clara said...

What a lovely Family photo!! The wedding brings back wonderful memories. Tell Isabella she looks lovely and Dora, she is a beautiful bride. A happy couple!!