Monday, 4 June 2012

Maddy's latest post

Read Maddy's latest post on her blog this morning and was SO blessed that I needed to share.
We're about the marginalized ... those that others shun / put aside / hide / are ashamed of / don't take a moment for ... and some kids with special needs in Rwanda just came a bit closer this year to who God has created them to be. We're blessed that Maddy had the faith to take the leap!

I just had my last parent teacher meeting! I am still standing, I am very tired but still alive.

I just finished my first year of teaching, and creating a special education program, in Rwanda.

I remember the first day of school sitting at my desk saying to myself, 'What am I supposed to be doing, how do I do it and how did I get here...?'

Now I am sitting here saying to myself, 'What just happened, how did this all happen and is this all real...?'

It is pretty powerful what a little step of faith can turn into. As hard as it is, sometimes you just need to hold your breath and jump.

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