Thursday, 28 June 2012

One never knows exactly

Yesterday morning, Solange came by our house at 9am. She had worked for us as house help for 4 years and left last year to get married. That never happened as her fiance, a Rwandan soldier, decided to go to Darfur to serve for at least 1 year. She had called us about 2 weeks ago to say that her current job was going to be ending last Friday and did we know of anyone that needed house help.

As a matter of fact, yes. Our new teammates - Joel and Liz.
She agreed to come and work for less money. What a gift. We LOVED Solange. Such a HUGE relief to me that I didn't have to train a new house help in the midst of all the other life busyness going on these days.

As she sat and had tea and we talked through her new job, she thanked us over and over again for what we did for her. Her last jobs have loved her and been amazed at how well she can cook. The last, wanted to take her to Mozambique for 2 years.

What did we do? Not 100% sure other than we treated her as someone that God  has sent our way to work for us (she just showed up at our gate one morning) and I took the time when I could to teach her new recipes.

Who knew...

It struck me again how when we take time to be in someones life AND also allow them into our lives, we never know how it will change their life forever ... and our own. So much of this can just be 'normal' life and doesn't have to be orchestrated, planned or over thought. We just need to be open to allowing people be part of our lives and journey ... authentically - through the good and the mess.

We are blessed.

Double blessed actually. Sigisi who was our night guard for two years and left to go back to the village to live with his wife and baby, called last week and said he needed a job as village life was getting too hard for them just now.  Well, in fact, we needed him to start immediately.

Beni was jumping up and down when he heard Sigisi was coming back. He remembered that Sigisi played football with him each evening.

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