Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Isaiah 1:17

The verse for IT Rwanda .... and our 'disecting' of it this morning at our biweekly meeting.
Had some good discussion and got us dreaming and thinking more about our work here in Rwanda now and the future. good times!

LEARN             to do what is right
                             to do good
                             to live right
                             to do right
                             to do well

Seek          JUSTICE
Work for
See that  ........  is done

Give the            OPPRESSED   reason to celebrate
Relieve the
Encourage the
Defend the
Correct the  Oppressor
Rebuke the Oppressor

Defend the                        ORPHAN
Take up the cause of the
Stand up for the
Bring Justice to the

Plead for the                        WIDOW
Plead the case of the
Defend the
Fight for the rights of the

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Lana said...

Love it Jen!