Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Lives are changing!

Rwanda has on paper that they want all students with special needs to be integrated into society.
Maddy Manden, who works with us, carries this passion in her heart.
I think she is one of few if not the only person in Rwanda who is trained to teach and train others to work with those with various special needs.
She is currently working in one of 'the' school's in the country to build infrastructure and capacity.

She started with 3 students last August and currently has 16 with more arriving weekly it seems!
She has trained 15 teacher assistants as well.

Her is Maddy's latest blog post that I was SO encouraged by ...

The student's name is Noah and the teacher assistant is George.
They are working on math here.
We just finished our second round of standardized testing.

Last test Noah answered one question on the whole test.
This time around he scored above average!
There is improvement!

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