Monday, 7 May 2012

Saying Good bye...

Good byes are never fun and I've said more than my fair share in my lifetime it seems.
Most of them are moments in my life that I dont' want to relive.

My dear friend Chrissie and I have this little pact.
'We are not allowed to leave each other.'
We are both married to Rwandese, our children are great friends, we love hanging out and we 'get each other'.
A couple times a year we have this conversation.
'Is is really worth the energy to get to know other women when they're only here for 1-3 years and then they leave?'

We always seem to end our conversation with a sigh and agree that yes we must make effort to be in the lives of people who cross our paths in life and we vow to continue to put ourselves out there for that purpose. Who knows what we will gain or how God will use us in other peoples lives?

Yesterday, we said goodbye to some dear friends/family.
Toto is a dear cousin (actually an uncle) of Serge's - the kind where they walk each other to the corner and then stand an talk for another 2 hours!
Toto's wife Solange is one of my dear friends here. We first met at church, then she married Toto and the rest we say is history.

They're moving to the USA .... who knows when we will see each other again.

Solange and I embraced and the sobs erupted from both of us.
I will miss her dearly ...

I don't like goodbyes... sigh...
Sad thing for me, I know I'll say goodby to another dear friend in June ... sigh...


Dana Libby said...

One of the things that Mary and I have learned about the cross-cultural and ministry life is that it is filled with good-byes. We learn something from each person that we share the journey with, but it is never easy to part ways. Maybe the best approach is "See you soon", knowing that one day we will all be in the same place. Blessings on you and your family!

Ruth Ann said...

I look at it the same way,as believers it is never many people come thru our lives and some we just want to keep around forever,its seasons I feel like I am who I am because of amazing people God has brought into and thru my life and you Jen are one of them...Bless you sister..