Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Happy Birthday Isabel

Isabel is 18 years old today.
She called me last night to make sure that I knew (I did.) It never ceases to amaze me where our kids find the money to call us sometimes! Usually they 'beep' us - let the phone ring once and hang up - which means, call me back. Every once in a while they call. 

I can't believe that Isabel is 18 years old today.
I think this is her real age...
She has been through so much and I probably don't know the half. 
Mother died giving birth to her youngest brother, Father is a complete alcoholic - he sold their house for $9 a couple of years ago and moved out to the village.

Isabel and her two young brothers were the first kids we helped in the street kid program to go into a 'family' home. Their father then decided he needed the kids back - in particular he needed a house girl.
That was over 2 years ago.
 In September 2010, Isabel decided she had enough and came back to the city. 

She is now back in one of our homes along with her youngest brother.
She's back in school - Grade 5, struggling but putting in effort - and being tutored by one of our interns.
And she's happy! The picture above was taken last week at Vincent's wedding. 
Oh... and on Sunday, she got baptized.

Isabel is 18 years old today and I am believing that she will continue to grow into the women she was created to be.

(PS She should have fun tonight.. the interns are taking her out for dinner!)

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