Friday, 27 May 2011

Bumper Cars!

Some days I wish that driving was a real live version of bumper cars - you know the cars that you`d drive at the local amusement park or fair.

There are many times I am driving in Kigali and I just wanted 'RAM' the guy who cuts me off!! ARG!!!
I am just home from such a drive.
Today, I was in a congested intersection and this minibus just HAD to squeeze himself in front of me. Seriously!!! How much advantage does he really get by being in front or behind me??

This is when I want to RAM the guy... you know give him a good little shove!
For what end? I`m not sure. Maybe teach him a lesson or maybe it's just a way to assert my frustration.

To date, my better judgement has always prevailed and I haven't rammed anybody and we still have an intact vehicle to drive!

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