Friday, 20 May 2011

Log Cabins in Kigali

So my Aunt Clara and Uncle Leonard came to visit us in March. Was a great little visit from them for sure. When I was thinking of them coming and who they are, I knew I needed to get my aunt involved with the women at Ubuzima - an association for those with HIV/AIDS - and their fledgling income generating project of sewing.

My Aunt Clara pieces quilts. I knew that piecing would be a valuable skill for these men and women to possess.

If my memory serves me right, 8 showed up for the four day classes.

That was back in March.
Today I just spent time with Marte and Console to 'tie' a quilt.
They all think I've been doing this for years... thanks to mom for teaching me to sew when I was young, and the opportunities to be part of some quilting bees - I can fake it pretty good! :-)
What I do know is that I need our interns Mark and Mike to make us some quilt frames!

I must say, the two quilts they are working on right now, are looking VERY good.
First Log Cabins in Kigali I'm thinking!
May these two be the first of many orders for them!

Aunt Clara making sure that Bosco is sewing a straight line
Some of them with their first practice patches
Marte (above) and Console (below) working hard on their quilts
Marte's first quilt top finished!

Console's first quilt top almost finished. Two more rows to go
Thank you Aunt Clara and  Uncle Leonard for coming!
( I got some great gardening out of my Uncle Leonard!)

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Anonymous said...

Neat play on words! I actually thought from the titles that you were building houses. Those blue quilts are really nice. Would love to help for half a day.

Mary H