Thursday, 5 May 2011

Team coming in tonight!

Ahhhh.... the mad flurry!!
It's just a couple of hours - well, less then two! when our first team of the year arrives. We have FIVE interns on the ground but this will be the first of three teams this year.

Looking forward to having them but oh the rush to get everything done that should be done.
So, why am I taking the time to write this blog - escapism!! Pure and simple. Means it may be one less email I get answered but hey.. sorry if it's yours! My mind needs a bit of a mental break.

So the team is from Ontario, Canada and for all but one, it is their first time to Rwanda and I'm thinking Africa. We always know that God brings us people for a time and a reason so we anticipate what He has for them here. Serge, Alain and I host them but really we're along for the ride as well. It's always fun to see God meets the lives of each individual team member here - rocks their world view, their view of God and themselves. Of course the bless Rwandans in the midst of it all. Brilliant fun as my dear British friends would declare!

Well... I need to run. My digressing must come to an end!
Think I'll tackle getting the kids bathed next!

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