Friday, 29 April 2011

Mother of the Groom

We have had many firsts with the street kid ministry - housing, education, jobs, bank accounts, university, and now... our first wedding.
One of our first street kids,Vincent got married last week.
It was such a grand day. 
I couldn't believe how the other guys and girls, some living in the houses and some still on the street, decked themselves out in the best clothes they
could borrow. 
Some of them looked so incredibly handsome, that well, I didn't know
what to think. 

 What I do know is this... the more 'firsts' we have, the more it encourages the others to keep focused in life,  and find it within themselves to continue to find the life that God has intended for them.
Swearing their vows at the civil wedding
I have NEVER seen a Rwandan guy put his arm around  his girl during the civil wedding!
Leaving the Civil wedding, marriage certificate in hand
With the Father of the Groom
Getting the Bride ready for the church ceremony - such a typical scene
Reminded me of My Big Fat Greek Wedding!
Bestman - Sincere (have never seen him looking so good!), Vincent the groom
and Serge, father of the groom.
Good looking men!
Crowd at the church.
170+ people - had to send for more Fanta!
At the end of his vows, Vincent said - I love you - in English.
The crowd when CRAZY!!
Again, I have NEVER heard a Rwandan guy say that in his vows - except Serge!
Husband and wife
Some of the kids sang them some songs as a gift.
SO proud of Tubbie - she is a great singer and leader.
The cake
Leaving the church after a grand day!


Alison Witt said...

How wonderful!! What a special day. Love the look of delight on Serge's face in the "I love you" picture.

Kaitlyn from Michigan said...

How special!!
That is soo neat.
Loved the pictures, too!
And your comment about Tubbie, how she sang with the other girls as part of a gift to Vincent and his new wife.. so sweet! Ruth and I got to spend some time with Tubbie last summer.. I remember her beautiful voice and sweet smile-- glad to hear she's singing on!!
Love ya Jen, take care!