Wednesday, 27 April 2011

'Gone Dark'

That is the phrase that comes to mind when I think of the last number of weeks - all of April really.
Maybe Serge and I enjoy spy / espionage movies too much - but that is how I feel. Like I've been trying to survive in my own little world and not paying much attention to what has been happening in the outside world or connecting with it.

Feel like I'm coming out of the 'dark' somehow.
Praying I'm not just trying to make myself think that way because I'm done with all has been going on in life the last weeks. I was just saying to Serge this morning that I'm still finding it hard to haul my butt out of bed since I was so sick with a bad cough and cold for a couple of weeks. Amazing how that puts me out of commission in a busy life and I KNOW that I didn't take the time to rest when I should have. Maybe a lessoned learned? I hope so.

Must choose to live in life and resurrection!


Rhoda said...

Hmmm, praying through thoughts of Sabbath for you Jen! May you find rest and refreshment for body and soul.

Doug said...

Jen, Glad to see you posting again. I for one love to hear about what's going on as we prepare to visit you in June.