Friday, 1 April 2011

All Things Work Together for Good

This phrase from the Bible is definitely one that can give me trouble and requires faith to believe. I know it in my head, but really... 

However, the more I learn about God and the story we find ourselves in, the more I believe it. (Not an easy thought though as we head into the week mourning next week for the genocide here)

But, yesterday was one of those days when we were about brought to tears with, 'This is why we do what we do' sort of thing.

If you read my last posting, you know that last week we had some pretty tough decisions to make on a kid that we have had years of relationship with. After he was asked to leave the house, Serge told the other two guys in the house, Jean Claude and David that they were to come clean. They needed to think about their lives and find Serge to talk.

Jean Claude found Serge yesterday.

Of course there wasn't much that he told Serge that we didn't already know or suspect in his life. Through tears he confessed to the lies he had told us. But I think greater than that... he confessed for not standing for Valence. 

You see, Valence used to live at their house and we had asked him to leave last September, again  - due to some very difficult things going on at the house. Turns out that not all the stuff Valence was being accused of, by the rest of the house, was true. 

Jean Claude's heart is broken that he didn't stand for Valence.

Jean Claude asked Serge if they could please ask Valence to come back to the house.
He also told Serge that he has already gone to the headmaster of their school and asked if he would accept Valence to return to school.

I about cried when Serge told me all this.

Here's a kid that has learned the value of truth, confession and is on a journey of learning what it means to help those who cannot help themselves - to stand in the gap. Oh so sweet!

And this all comes because of some very difficult decisions we made last week.

Serge has yet to talk to David to hear more of his life story and then we'll see how this continues to all work for good. Such a great hope we have that our life stories are constantly being changed and transformed!


Ken said...

That's great Jen! So glad for you guys!

Kaitlyn from Michigan :) said...

So, SO glad to read this Jen. Thank you for taking the time to share the story.. praise Him for what's being worked in Jean Claude!
how encouraging for you to press on and know that He IS at work, even through the tough times.
much love!