Thursday, 2 May 2013

Round Two

Of malaria.

April 3rd I found out I had malaria.
I took treatment, had some really crappy days but got better - or so it seemed.
I was feeling good and moving on with life.

Well... this past Saturday night I knew I wasn't doing so great about something so Serge was like - we're off to the doctor in the morning.
I was very weak but otherwise feeling fine.
Turns out my blood pressure had plummeted and so what was going on?
They took blood and I fainted. Thinking that was the first time in my life.

Well... stage 3 malaria. Last stage before cerebral - which is not the good kind! Like there is a good kind I guess. So admitted to the hospital to be put on Intravenous drugs and voila... 72 hours later I was discharged feeling so much better.

Serge was the ultimate husband during my stay as he was the one to look after me. In most all hospitals here there are not enough nurses so you need someone to be staying with you to look after you - help you in anyway you need it. He made sure I was comfortable, not too bored, got to the bathroom on time and brought me food to eat. Even spent the nights with me. Let's just say Serge earned his gold husband star!

The nurses were all saying that there is an epidemic of malaria happening in Rwanda. Seems the mosquitoes have come back here to roost or something. Sure hoping they move on sooner than later.

Malaria seemed to come at the worse time ever... I'm in the hospital and May 1st is our first day of ownership of J.Lynn's, the new business / ministry we're starting. Just keep being reminded that we always need to trust God's timing even when we might think it's the worst timing ever!

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Rhoda said...

So glad you're doing better! I didn't know until you told me that you had been ill. Glad to hear your perspective on God's timing :)