Thursday, 30 May 2013

Our House as of today...

Pictures of the outside anyway ...
I am waiting for curtains and furniture to show you the inside.
Patience for a few more weeks... :-)
Front yard

Side yard

Rock garden left

Rock garden right
THANK YOU Dennis!!!

playground ... mom says they need to wait for the grass
to grow in before the sand goes in and the swing goes up
Our East West palm is growing ... as are the kids!
Backyard ... laundry, garden, compost, rabbits ... etc.

One of the best smelling flowers!
Anyone know what it's called??



Rhoda said...

It's looking really great Jen! I know not only your immediate family, but also many relatives, friends, family and other visitors will be hugely blessed by the hospitality they will receive there :)

Anonymous said...

I'm impressed with the rock garden It looks great..

momma maddy said...

Flower looks like a hydrenga what is it????

Clara said...

Your House and Gardens look great!

I think the flower is a "Gardenia", they are very sweet smelling.