Wednesday, 29 May 2013

The start of J.Lynn`s ...

May 1st started the newest adventure of our life...
... owning a shop which makes homemade bagels, donuts, pizza, salsa, tortillas, tortilla chips, bagel chips, peanut butter, cinnamon buns, bread, cookies, cakes ... and I'm sure I'm missing something. It's also a training centre for 17 women to give them the tools and skills they need to lift themselves out of poverty. i.e. pay the rent every month, feed their kids every day, pay the school fees for their children each semester, not to mention clothes and other things to make basic life happen.
I had written in an earlier blog that I had 8 days to learn this new business before we took ownership on May 1st. Well, on May 1st, I was being discharged from the hospital from my second round with malaria.
Up until today, it's been a ride - a great one need, but life has had to be managed like never  before. Instead of taking the week of rest at home... I was the first week into a business / ministry. Crazy! I have managed - mostly by going to bed about 8 pm! Getting stronger by the day though.
I finally found our camera charged yesterday! So want to share some pictures with you.

We rent a house with a yard. It is a nice setting for our clients
to come and sit, work, meet up with friends and enjoy some food.

Front yard left

Front yard right

The counter ... Noella is there most every day to greet our customers
Look forward to sharing her story with you sometime

Joel and Liz from our team and new intern, Katrina making use
of one of the seating areas.
(Thanks to Liz for helping with a new look!)

Some of the ladies in the kitchen

More of the ladies boiling the bagels.
We make plain, cheese and onion, herb, everything, sesame,
 and cinnamon raisin to sell

The charcoal stoves where we cook about everything ...


Rhoda said...

WOW! This is SO BEAUTIFUL! I love the setting and those big smiles on the ladies :)

Laura said...

Is this the (former) ABC? The whole thing is so exciting. I'd love to hear more about how this came to be!