Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Ten years ago this week...

... I came to Rwanda for the first time.
Having already served with International Teams for 9 years and travelled more than 20 countries - some multiple times - and seeing the 'not so nice parts of the world' - it was my first time to Africa.
What I did know is that God had something here for me unlike any other place I had travelled. I had no idea what it was but I knew I had to be open. I definitely didn't think I would end here long term.
Well... ten years later.
International Teams Rwanda is alive and well and moving forward.
Empowering Rwandans for holistic life transformation
Health and Nutrition
Income Generation
Shelter and Security

I came with RuthAnne and Pastor Wilfred
She introduced me to the need for
education in Rwanda

Pastor Wilfred (on the right) introduced
me to his country and the varying
needs - refugees, those with HIV/AIDS
As we say... the rest is history.


Dana Libby said...

It is amazing how quickly the years go by! There are minutes and days that sometimes seem to be endless - but in the blink of an eye, whole decades are passed.

Congratulations on a milestone and a journey well-traveled.

Chris said...

Great blog!...Rwanda Momma,
Im in the process of doing some research for an upcoming trip. If your readers are interested, here's a pretty good article on the touristy things to see in Kigali: