Sunday, 14 April 2013

Gone to Heaven

My mom called today.
My Aunt Vera died this morning.
Oh that makes my heart sad. I have some great aunts and she was one of them.
My memories go way back with her. Some of my earliest that I can remember in life
- teaching me to float in the lake at their trailer
- making seemingly hundreds of dozens of Christmas cookies to sell. The strawberries were my favourite
- watching Saturday night hockey
- squeezed around the dining room table for yet another great meal she made
- campfires in their backyard
- always the encourager
- always a big hug - coming and going
- Forever the smile and laughter
- lots of spunk and determination
I just loved my Aunt Vera.
This is a part of living thousands of miles away from your family that sucks quite frankly.
Not that I could do anything right now... but I could be there.
I miss not being able to be there. 


Zim said...

We in Poland have proverb - "Through stomach to heart". I believe it is truth in all corners of the world and that You see that in practise. Greetings from Poland!

Anonymous said...

So sorry for your loss - may wonderful memories overshadow the difficulty in not being near other family sharing your grief - sending deepest sympathy - from IL (Momma Maddy)

Ken said...
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Ken said...

Sorry Jen...big hugs! Praying for you!