Friday, 29 March 2013

Another wedding...

Today our house girl, Kayitese got married. She had her civil wedding.
When She came into the hall, I teared up and it took me everything to not be a blubbering mess.
We're the first job she has ever had. She came young, naive, wondering if the kids would learn to love her and more than a bit scared about working for a 'muzungu'. She's been with us for 1.5 years and she's great. The kids love her. They were begging to come to the ceremony today but they so don't understand the boredom that their mom and dad spared them! :-)
She has become like a daughter to me somehow ... she's an orphan and has a rough life. We just wanted to make sure that she feels like she belongs somewhere and that people care about her and I think we have accomplished that.
So... hence me tearing up. SO grateful that Isabella won't be getting married for MANY years and I have forbidden Prince to get married before he's 40... but I back down to 35 when he rolls his eyes at me! Not worrying about Beni just yet.

Kayitese and her husband Jean Claude

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