Friday, 8 March 2013

International Women's Day

‘Equal access to education, training and science and technology: Pathway to decent work for women’

That is the theme for Rwanda this year.
They want to sensitize people in Rwanda to the ongoing need to promote girls education in the country.

As I reflect on our ministry here, I too have seen that need since the beginning. Girls can easily get jobs here as house help. They quit school, or more like, they are forced to quit school to work as house help to bring in some extra money for their family.

It's been a year or two now that Rwanda has mandated that ALL are to be in school for at least 9 years. That is good.

But just the other day I was sitting at my table talking with Liz about the refugee camp. Education there is a mess these days. They had a handover of leadership for the education in January and to say the least - life is not happening, and it's not the fault of those living in the camp. ARG! That said... Liz and I were talking about the Nathalie's dream. Nathalie is a go getter woman to say the least. She lives in the camp as a single mom with 5 kids and constantly and consistently does all she can to better the lives of others. Her latest...'Now there are even more girls who cannot go to school. What can I do for them? What skill can I help give them so they have something to try to earn a living to keep their dignity and self worth?'

That is what Liz and I were spending some time sorting through. I have no doubt that with Nathalie taking the lead, Liz working alongside her and the rest of us supporting as we can, the lives of girls in the camp will be changed.

Girls who feel they have no option but to prostitute, have no worth, no value, no purpose in life, will gain some and become the women they were created to be - women with purpose, women who are light.
Who knows how many girls will be impacted .. that doesn't matter. What matters is that we're doing something and will continue to do something until the world is just and there is no oppression.
Thinking it's called ... job security on our part!

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