Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Hot Water!

We moved into our new home on the weekend.
What an incredible blessing to us. Still so much to finish ... but that's okay most of the moments!
What I am loving... HOT water!!!
I have taken a HOT bath and a HOT shower!
If you live in the developed world, you probably take this for granted.
You turn on the tap each time and hot water is expected to be there - you don't even think about it.
For over 7  years, I have heated water either with a kettle or in a pot on the stove for a bucket shower.
This involves planning each time one wants to take a shower. You actually have to plan the time to heat the water into your scheduled life. If you know me... water often couldn't be heated fast enough. It was common for me to call home to whoever was there to get the water on as I was coming! Not to mention getting the kids showered as well...
No more!
I can turn the tap on and voila.. hot water!
Oh the bliss of hot water running over your body.... so great and enjoyable!
Hot water... just one of the perks of our new home.
Have I ever mentioned the view... :-)
(Guess the only thing now... to make sure the water heater is plugged in... ha!)


Maddy's Mom said...

So glad you have hot water!!! What a blessing - thinking of you all so often - Glad wedding was great and your travels back were good - other than the almost throw up....I am so happy I was able to meet you all - Next year I will be there on Maddy's birthday!!! It will be nice to see your new home and beautiful family! Hugs - Sandy (double B's grandma)

Ken said...

That's awesome Jen! And if anyone understands...it's me... =)

Really happy for you! Now post some pictures!!


OMG, how exciting!!! I will say, that aside from being able to drive my car, hot water was by far the thing I missed. YAY!